Sandwich Prep Table or Mesa Fria is a Must

The cooks call it a mesa fria, and I call it a sandwich station, but whatever you call it, a 48 in. refrigerated Prep Table is essential in the kitchen. As a reluctant restauranteur I find the things that make the kitchen’s life easier make my life easier and this prep station definitely qualifies.

Mesa Fria Sandwich Prep Refrigerated Table

The ChefsFirst Mega Top prep table is perfect for a wide range of kitchen production. With two doors and 18 1/6th size food pans, it’s perfect for pizza prep, salad prep, sandwiches, and much more. All stainless, with coated racks inside. It’s easy to clean, and the corners are rounded so you’ll have less bruises as you run to get your orders up.

My ex-wife is a much better cook than I am. She reminds me that all these 1/6th pans can be color-coated so your staff knows that all ingredients in the pans with the yellow dots go in the ahi salad, and all the red dots go in the Thai beef, so it’s a great visual, all-in-one-place kind of help.

Inside, keep your back-up prepped and ready to go in the service pans. I like to use the Square Clear Food Containers since they fit so nicely and you can see what you’re looking for. You will be able to fit a ton of the 4 oz Clear Cambros in there. And the nice thing about them is you can stick blue tape to the lids and write on them so you know how old everything is.

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