Standing in the concession line this weekend at the local softball tournament I spied the APW Wyott Hot Dog Steamer DS-1A and was reminded of what a workhorse this little unit is. I mentioned to the concession manager I was in the restaurant supply business and asked her for her opinion of the unit. She likes the steamer as it cooks hot dogs quickly and keeps the buns warm without turning them soggy.  She also likes that it doesn’t take up much counter space and the drain plug is easy to access to drain the water out once the stand closes.  Her only complaint (if you can call it that) is she has to remember to check the water a few times with each use as it can get low.

DS-1A Hot Dog Steamer

Ballparks, street vendors at local festivals and fairs, and more rely on the APW Wyott Hot Dog Steamer. The steamer heats quickly and has a fast recovery for those unexpected surges in demand. It’s rear door makes it easy to load, serve and clean. The 150 hot dog and 60 bun capacity strikes the right balance between storage and counter space.  Check out the DS-A1 if you are looking for a quality hot dog steamer.


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