Waring Immersion Blender 12 inch Stick Mixer Product Review

When you’ve got some serious mixing to do, grab the Waring Big Stix. This mighty mixer can handle your chunkiest sauces and smooth some serious soups.

Waring Big Stix Blender

The Waring 12 inch Stick Mixer/Immersion Blender WSB50 is a powerhouse that stacks up to any industrial blender on the market. Whether you call it a boat motor, a blender, hand blender, or Bermixer, this is what you’re reaching for when you’ve got to scramble 30 dozen eggs in the next six minutes.

The WSB50 Immersion Blender (that’s what I call it) is heavy duty and made for commercial applications. It has a 40 quart (10 gallon) capacity and variable speed motor that includes a continuous ON feature. These things aren’t ever particularly light, but this one is less than ten pounds. And with 750 watts and 18,000 rpm top speed it’s housing a pretty darned powerful motor.

The Waring 12 inch Big Stick Blender has a stainless steel cutting shaft that is easily removed from the sealed unit so that it can be cleaned. The cutting blade and shaft is also dishwasher safe which makes sanitation a snap. Another great feature of this mixer is that the motor is also able to accept other Waring cutting shafts if you have other models around your kitchen. Which, you know, you should because these things are beasts.

The WSB50 comes with a one-year limited warranty and is rated ETL and NSF. The ergonomic design features a second handle and rubberized grip that makes it easy to handle even when you’ve been mixing, puréeing and
emulsifying all day long.

Heavy duty commercial construction
40 qt. (10gal) capacity
12″ stainless steel removable cutting shaft
Variable speed motor (5,000 to 18,000 rpm)
Continuous ON feature
Rubberized comfort grip with second handle for safe operation
Stainless cutting shaft is completely sealed and easily removed and dishwasher safe
Lightweight and easy to manuever
1 HP, 120V, 750W, 6.25amps
Other size Waring cutting shafts are interchangeable with motor housing
One year limited warranty

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