Cambro CamSquare Food Containers Stack and Save Space

Food storage is critical for any serious or semi-serious cook. It’s been important for as long as we’ve been keeping food past the day we speared it and brought it to the fire. Advances have been made.

stackable food storage options

Cambro makes some of the best storage containers in the business. They’re strong, easy to clean (also critical), and are well-marked from the outside if you need to be using them for large-scale mixing. You simply can’t have enough of the clear 4 QT. Camsquare food containers.

One of the best things about these containers is that they are stackable. Unlike the round receptacles, they maximize your refrigeration space. Stack them, and pack them. Square containers take up 33% less space than their round brothers. That’s a little math for you.

If you’re storing a liquid, like egg whites, you’ll need the good Cambro Cover. This lid fits the 2- as well as the 4-quart containers. Obviously you don’t need to have this, but it’s nice. And they are color coded. Meaning the writing on the side of the 2 QT Cambro Container and the 4 QT both have green writing and the top is green. Never seems to work for me, but maybe you’ll have better luck.

If you’re like us, you’ll never be able to find the right lid when you need it no matter the color (it’s the dishwasher’s fault!) While lids are always going to work the best, you can also get clear-wrap to cling to the sides of the Cambro storage containers, and that’s real-world important, isn’t it? The lids can be written on with a Sharpie marker. Both the lids and containers stand up to industrial dishwashing machines and are NSF listed so they can be used in commercial kitchens.

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