How to Properly Wash Your Hands


In the restaurant industry, pathogens and bacteria can spread quickly if owners and employees do not take proper measures to keep their hands clean. Among all the restaurant supplies we provide, in our plumbing section we supply sinks. In fact, as required by health codes, a hand washing sink should be located 20 feet from every food handling station.

Keeping Clean

Of course, teaching your employees how to properly wash their hands is as important as having the sinks. Instruct your employees on these steps to ensure correct cleaning:

  1. Get the hands and arms wet with hot water. It needs to be at least 100˚F and should be as hot as the individual can stand it.
  2. Put soap in the hands and work up a good lather. If a rich lather isn’t happening, apply more soap.
  3. Scrub the arms and the hands with a force that will get them clean but not damage the skin. Typically 10 to 15 seconds of scrubbing is needed. Be sure that the areas between the fingers and under the fingernails are targeted.
  4. Put arms and hands under warm running water to rinse the soap off.
  5. Use a clean, single-use paper towel to dry arms and hands. A hand dryer is another option.

Purchase Your Supplies Today

To measure up to health code standards and create a healthy workplace, always have the proper professional cooking supplies that you need. Contact Chefs First today at (866) 930-2433 to find out which sink is right for you.

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