Sandwich Prep Table or Mesa Fria is a Must

The cooks call it a mesa fria, and I call it a sandwich station, but whatever you call it, a 48 in. refrigerated Prep Table is essential in the kitchen. As a reluctant restauranteur I find the things that make the kitchen’s life easier make my life easier and this prep station definitely qualifies.

Mesa Fria Sandwich Prep Refrigerated Table

The ChefsFirst Mega Top prep table is perfect for a wide range of kitchen production. With two doors and 18 1/6th size food pans, it’s perfect for pizza prep, salad prep, sandwiches, and much more. All stainless, with coated racks inside. It’s easy to clean, and the corners are rounded so you’ll have less bruises as you run to get your orders up.

My ex-wife is a much better cook than I am. She reminds me that all these 1/6th pans can be color-coated so your staff knows that all ingredients in the pans with the yellow dots go in the ahi salad, and all the red dots go in the Thai beef, so it’s a great visual, all-in-one-place kind of help.

Inside, keep your back-up prepped and ready to go in the service pans. I like to use the Square Clear Food Containers since they fit so nicely and you can see what you’re looking for. You will be able to fit a ton of the 4 oz Clear Cambros in there. And the nice thing about them is you can stick blue tape to the lids and write on them so you know how old everything is.


Standing in the concession line this weekend at the local softball tournament I spied the APW Wyott Hot Dog Steamer DS-1A and was reminded of what a workhorse this little unit is. I mentioned to the concession manager I was in the restaurant supply business and asked her for her opinion of the unit. She likes the steamer as it cooks hot dogs quickly and keeps the buns warm without turning them soggy.  She also likes that it doesn’t take up much counter space and the drain plug is easy to access to drain the water out once the stand closes.  Her only complaint (if you can call it that) is she has to remember to check the water a few times with each use as it can get low.

DS-1A Hot Dog Steamer

Ballparks, street vendors at local festivals and fairs, and more rely on the APW Wyott Hot Dog Steamer. The steamer heats quickly and has a fast recovery for those unexpected surges in demand. It’s rear door makes it easy to load, serve and clean. The 150 hot dog and 60 bun capacity strikes the right balance between storage and counter space.  Check out the DS-A1 if you are looking for a quality hot dog steamer.


Camp Chef 24″ Smoke Vault Outdoor Smoker

Is there any better way to spend your weekend (or any day for that matter) than with your favorite cut of meat smoking in the Camp Chef 24” Outdoor Smoker?  The Smoke Vault can be used with a variety of foods from ribs, fish, or a whole turkey to baked pies and breads. outdoor smoker

Don’t let the size of the Smoke Vault fool you!  With the cooking racks at 21 ½” W x 14” D (two adjustable smoking racks and one jerky smoking rack included) and overall dimensions of 24” W x 16” D x 44” H, the Smoke Vault is perfect for the backyard or your campsite.

My friend Dan owns this smoker so I asked him for his impressions.  Dan said he is quite impressed with the Smoke Vault, noting that he has cooked poultry and pork in it with little supervision, unlike his last smoker.  He was also surprised at how little propane the Smoke Vault uses and mentioned that he soaked wood chunks rather than wood chips.  Dan recommends checking the water level periodically.CCHSMV24S-3T

Additional features include:

Fully adjustable heat-control dials

Three damper valves; one on top and one on each side

Door thermometer to help control internal temperatures

Cooking temperatures ranging from 160 F to 500 F

20,000 BTU burner

Heavy-gauge steel wood chip tray and water pan create smoke and keep meats moist

Removable porcelain base tray for easy clean up

Matchless snap ignition

One year warranty

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Crown Verity TG-1

With summer right around the corner and temperatures on the rise, BBQ season is upon us!  Whether you’ve been hired to provide food for a backyard party or tailgating before the game, you’ll need the right tools for the job.  Crown Verity, a Super Bowl 50 tailgating favorite, provides an array of portable BBQ grills that will exceed your expectations.Tailgate-bbq

The Crown Verity TG-1 brings the versatility that you need with its stainless steel design.  It features a 46” x 21” cook top area with (6) 16,500 BTU/hour stainless steel burners.  The radiant feature evenly distributes heat and reduces flare-ups.  The TG-1 reaches cooking temperatures in approximately 6 minutes.  That gives you just enough time to fill the built-in food and drink coolers with side dishes, condiments, and drinks (spirits optional).

Additional features include:

(2) 30 lb. propane gas tanks

Heavy duty towable trailer with hitch, tail lights and large tires

Lower water pan with drain port to ease cleaning and eliminate grease fires

Includes hoses and gas regulators

1 year parts and labor warranty, 10 years on cooking grids and burners

Ships assembled for use with L.P. gas

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Waring Immersion Blender 12 inch Stick Mixer Product Review

When you’ve got some serious mixing to do, grab the Waring Big Stix. This mighty mixer can handle your chunkiest sauces and smooth some serious soups.

Waring Big Stix Blender

The Waring 12 inch Stick Mixer/Immersion Blender WSB50 is a powerhouse that stacks up to any industrial blender on the market. Whether you call it a boat motor, a blender, hand blender, or Bermixer, this is what you’re reaching for when you’ve got to scramble 30 dozen eggs in the next six minutes.

The WSB50 Immersion Blender (that’s what I call it) is heavy duty and made for commercial applications. It has a 40 quart (10 gallon) capacity and variable speed motor that includes a continuous ON feature. These things aren’t ever particularly light, but this one is less than ten pounds. And with 750 watts and 18,000 rpm top speed it’s housing a pretty darned powerful motor.

The Waring 12 inch Big Stick Blender has a stainless steel cutting shaft that is easily removed from the sealed unit so that it can be cleaned. The cutting blade and shaft is also dishwasher safe which makes sanitation a snap. Another great feature of this mixer is that the motor is also able to accept other Waring cutting shafts if you have other models around your kitchen. Which, you know, you should because these things are beasts.

The WSB50 comes with a one-year limited warranty and is rated ETL and NSF. The ergonomic design features a second handle and rubberized grip that makes it easy to handle even when you’ve been mixing, puréeing and
emulsifying all day long.

Heavy duty commercial construction
40 qt. (10gal) capacity
12″ stainless steel removable cutting shaft
Variable speed motor (5,000 to 18,000 rpm)
Continuous ON feature
Rubberized comfort grip with second handle for safe operation
Stainless cutting shaft is completely sealed and easily removed and dishwasher safe
Lightweight and easy to manuever
1 HP, 120V, 750W, 6.25amps
Other size Waring cutting shafts are interchangeable with motor housing
One year limited warranty

Cambro CamSquare Food Containers Stack and Save Space

Food storage is critical for any serious or semi-serious cook. It’s been important for as long as we’ve been keeping food past the day we speared it and brought it to the fire. Advances have been made.

stackable food storage options

Cambro makes some of the best storage containers in the business. They’re strong, easy to clean (also critical), and are well-marked from the outside if you need to be using them for large-scale mixing. You simply can’t have enough of the clear 4 QT. Camsquare food containers.

One of the best things about these containers is that they are stackable. Unlike the round receptacles, they maximize your refrigeration space. Stack them, and pack them. Square containers take up 33% less space than their round brothers. That’s a little math for you.

If you’re storing a liquid, like egg whites, you’ll need the good Cambro Cover. This lid fits the 2- as well as the 4-quart containers. Obviously you don’t need to have this, but it’s nice. And they are color coded. Meaning the writing on the side of the 2 QT Cambro Container and the 4 QT both have green writing and the top is green. Never seems to work for me, but maybe you’ll have better luck.

If you’re like us, you’ll never be able to find the right lid when you need it no matter the color (it’s the dishwasher’s fault!) While lids are always going to work the best, you can also get clear-wrap to cling to the sides of the Cambro storage containers, and that’s real-world important, isn’t it? The lids can be written on with a Sharpie marker. Both the lids and containers stand up to industrial dishwashing machines and are NSF listed so they can be used in commercial kitchens.

A Restaurant Quality Two Door Refrigerator You Can Afford

A world-class restaurant quality, two-door refrigerator is finally available at an affordable price. The ChefsFirst Reach-In Two Door Bottom Mount model is ideal for use in fast-paced restaurants and food service establishments. Designed for superior performance, convenient use, and precision climate control, this refrigerator model is a top seller for restaurant equipment suppliers for good reason.



Perfectly Suited to Any Kitchen

This workhorse refrigerator is perfectly suited for a wide range of dining enterprises, including sandwich shops, pizza parlors, and fine dining establishments. There are many features that make this model the perfect starter commercial refrigerator:

  • Standard door locks
  • Standard heavy duty pre-installed casters
  • Temperature range of 33° F – 45° F
  • 46 cubic foot interior capacity
  • Air defrost
  • Six adjustable coated shelves (three on each door)
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior
  • Galvanized steel backing
  • EnergyStar, ISO, ETL, and CE listed

This restaurant refrigerator is designed for ease of use. The refrigeration unit is mounted at the bottom for convenient service access. Doors feature stainless steel hinges for durability and reliable performance. We offer a two year warranty on labor and parts and a five year warranty on the compressor.

Order Your Commercial Refrigerator Today

The ChefsFirst two door refrigerator can be ordered online today. To speak with a product expert about any item, please call 866-930-2433 or contact us online.